About Us

 The European Shambhala Trust Fund is a legal entity that can receive donations, as a fully recognizable charitable foundation under the German law (Tax Registration number 14323573477, Munich).

The Fund serves as a vehicle to develop a strong financial base for activities within the European Shambhala mandala. The actual European Donor Group cannot build such a secure capital base as it has no independent legal structure.

The Fund is governed by a Board of directors (BoD). The BoD is constituted by at least one representative from each of the three pillars of our mandala: the government, practice and education and the Dorje Kasung. Additional members are drawn from major donors to the Fund. The board has a maximum of 9 members (including a minimun of one third men and one third women). Members of the BoD are elected for a term of four years and can be re-elected once, thereafter they have to step down at least for one term. Most decisions are made by majority vote. The board works in a voluntary capacity.

The Fund finances its projects with money:

  1. Drawn from the income from investments held by the Fund.
  2. From donations which are not specifically dedicated to increase the capital base of the Fund.

Annual Financial Report

The BoD is obliged to prepare an annual report for the preceding fiscal year including an asset report and a report on the fulfillment of its purposes within the first five months of the new fiscal year (May 31st).