How is the money invested?

The money is invested conservatively into sustainable funds. “Conservative” refers to a ratio of a minimum of 70% bonds and a maximum of 30% stock. Sustainable is defined in a sense that we take care that investments are made into companies and countries with high social and ecological standards.

Are there tax deductions for donations?

The European Shambhala Trust Fund is a fully recognized charitable foundation under German law. Donations from Germany are immediately tax deductible according to current tax laws. For other countries we are working on ways to also qualify for tax breaks where possible. Please contact us for further information.

How is the ESTF governed?

The European Shambhala Trust Fund is governed by a Board of Directors (BoD). The BoD is substituted by one representative each for the three pillars of our mandala: the government, practice and education and the Dorje Kasung. Additional members typically are recruited from major donors. The board has a maximum of 9 members. At least a third has to be men and women each. Members of the BoD are elected for a term of four years and can be re-elected once, thereafter they have to step down at least for one term. Most decisions are made by majority vote. The board works in a voluntary capacity.

Is my money safe in the ESTF?

The European Shambhala Trust Fund has the legal form of a Treuhandstiftung and is a fully recognized and controlled legal entity according to German law. This form requires that the base capital of the Trust Fund has to remain untouched within the Fund for at least as long as the charitable cause of the Fund exists. The leadership of the Fund is liable for this. This means, e.g., that funds cannot be invested in high-risk financial vehicles. This legal form of a Stiftung has a long and respected history in Germany.

How do I know about investments and projects?

The Board is obliged to prepare an annual report for the preceding fiscal year including an asset report and a report on fulfillment of the purpose of the Foundation within the first five months of the new fiscal year (May 31st).

Why I might consider donating to the ESTF instead DCL or SE?

The European Shambhala Trust Fund supports the whole European mandala, including SE and DCL. There is no possible competition as they also present proposals for projects that need funds.

Every year the European Shambhala Trust Fund makes a specific amount of funds for the European Shambhala mandala available, built upon assets, capital and sustainable investments.

Who can submit projects to the ESTF?

Any member of Shambhala Europe can present proposals or projects. Proposals are always welcomed! Please contact us to receive information about appropriate forms and procedures.

How submitting proposals is different from the ESTF and the EDG?

Currently there is little difference. Funding will be decided on a case by case basis and is dependent on the availability of funds. This may change over time.

How should a person decide which one to send a proposal to?

Please contact us to get more information.

Is the ESTF independent from SE?

The European Shambhala Trust Fund is independent from Shambhala Europe in the sense that it takes decisions based on vote of the different members of the Board and not solely by the Shambhala Europe Director nor the European Shambhala Council nor Shambhala International. But -of course- the ESTF is defined and set up to benefit the Shambhala European mandala!

It is dependent of Shambhala Europe in the sense that all members of the Board are Shambhalians, linked by a common vision.

Therefore, normally, activities are aligned with Shambhala Europe’s agenda.