How to Donate

The European Shambhala Trust Fund serves its purpose with funds

  1. out of the income of the assets owned by the ESTF
  2. from later donations which are not specifically dedicated to increase the capital base of the ESTF

ESTF pin

The European Shambhala Trust Fund accepts bequests and donations that could be as well dedicated to either increase the capital base or to short-term spending. Keep it in mind for appropriate occasion (will, lottery, inheritance…)

Individual donors will receive all relevant information from a particular project. These donors may – but do not need to – specify the projects to which they want their donations to be directed.

They will receive the European Shambhala Trust Fund pin if they contribute with 1,000€.

All funds should be donated or bequested to

Shambhala-Stiftung für Europa

c/o Stiftungszentrum Service GmbH

Landshuter Allee 11

80637 Munich, Germany.

(The Stiftungszentrum Service GmbH is an entity supporting the administration of the fund).

If you want to make a donation now, please use the following bank account:

Donations for immediate use („Spende“)

Account #: 5020111000

Bank code: 70020500

IBAN: DE68700205005020111000


If you want to make a donations to increase the assets of the fund where only the capital gains/interest can be spent (“Zustiftung”)

Account #: 6940111000

Bank code: 70020500

IBAN: DE98700205006940111000


For more information please write to Dr. Veronika Bauer at [email protected]