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The mission of the Shambhala Trust Fund is to seek funds from donations, bequests and legacies in wills, lotteries, etc. It pursues solely non-profit and charitable purposes.

While established by members of the European Donor Group in 2012, it differs from the EDG in that it can receive donations and funds as a fully recognized charitable foundation (Treuhandstiftung) under German law. This means that any funds received as part of the capital base may not legally be spent, but must be preserved. Only the interest from investments can be spent. Also, one can choose to donate funds not as part of the capital but to be spent.

The European Shambhala Trust Fund supports:

a) Projects such as the support of retreat and city centers which offer the opportunity to learn, study and practice meditation in the tradition of Shambhala.

b) Activities in the area of education, e.g. propagation, translation and publication of Buddhist and Shambhala teachings.

The charitable purpose may also be pursued by supporting projects for people in need, such as those terminally ill or dying in palliative or hospice care.