Present & Past

The European Donor Group has contributed to many projects within Shambhala Europe. It is an informal group of people who offer annual donations to a bank account under Shambhala Europe in order to finance ongoing and innovative projects and activities proposed within the European Shambhala mandala. The European Shambhala Trust Fund is a vehicle that is creating capital assets for such purposes in the future.

In this recent article of the Shambhalatimes you can read  about examples of EDG contribution

The following are some older examples of the EDG contribution:

Awake in the World Festival (London 2013)youngpeople_discussion2-200x290

From Thursday 12 to Sunday 15th September, Awake in the World Festival was held in London. It was a festival of Meditation, Art and Social Vision to celebrate Chögyam Trunpa Rinpoche’s arrival at the UK alter fleeing Tibet. His heir and head of Shambhala, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, gave teachings on our innate wisdom and compassion and how bringing about the best in society.

Renovation for kitchen and toilets (handicapped friendly).

  • Shambhala Europe 2011:

Funds to support small Shambhala Groups, Ukraine and Iran:
–    travel expenses for an European Acharya to teach ST levels to IraniTennoRoom_Plan2011ans
–    travel expenses for a teacher to conduct ST in Kiev and attendance of the Kiev Coordinator to Kalapa Governance Training
–    purchase of a Shambhala banner and shrine brush for Kiev, a mahakala print for the protector shrine in Warsaw and frames for the teachers’shrine photos.

Tenno Room renovation in Kalapa Centre (Cologne) and subsequently, renovation of SE Offices and entire floor.

Shambhala Europe Finance Director.

Scholarships for Eastern Europe.

–   Scholarship for DCL volunteers.
–   Renovation: chateau (windows 2nd floor South & Shrine room, roof, stucco) Gardener’s House, Repair of garden wall, kitchen, offices and housing.

  • South Africa (Johannesburg & Cape Town Shambhala Centres):SA-Mountains-640x326

2011 ST and WOS levels, hosting Acharyas and senior teachers.
“The grant has affirmed us as an authentic channel for the precious Shambhala Buddhist teachings. In this, you’ve challenged us to live up to that mission, while simultaneously offering your wholehearted support for our efforts to do so. For this, as for the financial resource itself, we proffer our profound gratitude.” Shastri Jennifer Woodhull letter to the ESTF.

Support for the Coordinator. It has been reflected at the Shambhala Times.

Rebuilding part of its stunning new shop-front premises. Inauguration of the new Centre took place on Saturday, May 8th 2004.

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